Only People Who Live with Nature Live Nature

While everyone else is fast asleep, hunters like us begin the day. No matter what season or weather, our passion for nature and game hunting allows us to experience unique, unforgettable moments.

We spend countless hours in nature, throughout every conceivable weather condition. We trek mountains and woodlands, through thorny undergrowth and open fields. We may chase our target, or be sitting perfectly quiet and still. Every moment in hunting has its difficulties and demands on both the hunter and their equipment. No matter if it’s due to changing temperatures or rough terrain, rapid movement or awkward rotation, each situation demands 100% product reliability and functionality.

Where customary hunting clothing stops, X JAGD begins. We take our own hunting experiences and a passion for perfection to create unique technologies and product features. We are constantly innovating to bring you decisive advantages during your valuable time spent hunting. Attention to detail and a hunter’s perspective make all the difference on development team. We offer unique equipment and uncompromised readiness to perform in every product.

With bold ideas and exceptional technology, X JAGD guarantees a greater level of performance. Discover X JAGD for yourself.